Beached happiness

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vacation1Are you tired of hearing everyone giving you beach holiday ideas. Well if you have heard that many one more won’t help, plain and simple you should visit Kauai. My name is Laura James and let me tell you straight up why this should be your next beach holiday destination.

Poipu Beach

It is one of the best beaches I have ever visited. It is a little overcrowded and a little difficult to find parking but definitely worth the trouble. The water is clear so snorkeling is a must do, the wildlife is out in the open and plenty in sight. In not so rare occasions you can even see whales dancing around and the beach is home to many seals and the rare green turtles. It comes with good news for parents too, there is a wide region of shallow calm water created by rocks that tame the waves where you can have your children play as you relax.

Other Attractions

Mount Waileale is the wettest place on earth and is as beautiful as it is wet. The island even has a canyon with not just great geological significance but majestic beauty too.
If you still think Kauai is a bad beach vacation idea then just look at some pictures, you will change your mind.


Wet Sand

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Great beach vacation ideas are not very difficult to brainstorm. Almost everyone will pin point the Hawaiian Islands and French Polynesia and they are far from being wrong. My name is Ricardo Icardi and if you will allow me, I would like to recommend Kauai island as an option for your next beach holiday.

What’s there?

Kauai is an island in Hawaii and you know what they say about Hawaii, it’s paradise. Kauai is my favorite and it is also the wettest island of Hawaii. It boasts fantastic forests and wildlife which is probably why it has gotten its name, the garden island. The summit of its highest mountain; Mount Waileale; is also the wettest place on earth. Ten there are the beaches themselves, Poipu beach is possible the only beach in the world where you can be assured safety and still have access to all its wildlife, who by the way are as hospitable as the wonderful people of Kauai. The Waimea canyon is a must see not only because of its outstanding beauty but also for its geological significances.

What to do there?

The reason Kauai is such a good beach vacation idea is that you can do almost every activity while remaining in the hypnotic clutches of its beauty. Go and take a hike at the Walalau trail where the magnificence of the dancing clouds float to the rhythm of the warm wind and tango with the light of the sun. Go river rafting on the Wailua River and uncover its hidden beauty along with its secret waterfall. Most importantly, hit all the spots by going on a helicopter ride to the secluded beauty spots no connected by roads. In the end of the day, you can come and schedule some time for sporting clay.


Get on the Beach

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People have many different opinions about beaches around the world. There is no shortage of beach vacation ideas and I am about to give you another one. My name is Frederik Kroos and I would like to tell you why visiting Kauai beach is a fantastic idea for a beach vacation.


This is a tropical paradise and that is no exaggeration. It is one the few places on earth where people have not completely taken over the wildlife territories. This is an island where nature shimmers its fading beauty the brightest anywhere in the world. You can start by visiting the Poipu beach which is one of the best beaches you will ever find. It is also one of the few beaches where the wildlife roams free without fear of the tourists. Then there is the wettest place on earth, which also happens to be the summit of Mount Waialeale. It is as majestic to behold as it is wet that is something you can be certain about. You can move on to the beautiful and interesting Waimea canyon which not only allows you to see into billions of years of rock formation but the sceneries around it will absolutely melt your heart.

What You can do there

The reason why Kauai is such a great beach vacation idea is not confined to its absolutely unmatched beauty. It is also because of the fabulous array of activities you can do there. River rafting on the Wailua River is extremely popular not only because of its surrounding beauty, but also because it holds within itself a magnificent waterfall visible only from the river. Then there are hiking spots like the Walalau trail where the majesty of clouds reveal themselves over the mountain tops and dance around in the light to strike awe in everyone’s hearts and also humble them. This scene alone can make you believe in god again.

Kauai is a fantastic destination and anyone who has been there will tell you how much they want to go back there again. It is fantastic place with great weather, great sceneries, hospitable people and even hospitable animals. It is a place which should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit and should at the very least be one of the most sought after beaches in the world. Just visit and you won’t need to take my word for it.


Kauai Island

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Need good beach vacation ideas? Well here’s one and it’s one you should take to heart. On your next vacation visit Kauai Island which is a part of Hawaii. My name is Brian Tisdale and my experience here in the presence of absolute magnificence may help make up your mind about all the beach vacation ideas you hear.

The Island

There are many thing s that can describe this island, heaven; Garden of Eden and paradise are few words that are frequently used. It is the wettest island among the Hawaiian Islands and the summit of Mount Waialeale boasts the most rainfall in the face of the earth at 480 centimeters. One of its defining characteristics is its beaches; the Poipu beach is one of the best beaches in the world. You will be able to witness wildlife like seals and whales in its natural behavior and that is something you never get to see. There are other great aspects like the fact that almost everywhere you look there is something growing. Places like the Kalalau trail allow you to see the majesty of cloud formation and the view will simply take your breath away. The Wailau River has a very active river rafting scene which is a perfect activity for thrill seekers. The river will carry you through the Island and take you many special places. It will take you to a waterfall that is especially special as it otherwise remains hidden from view. You will be able to make many hiking trips to beautiful places and fantastic geological playgrounds like the Waimea canyon. A place crafted and sculpted by nature and life oozing out of every orifice. It is a spectacular view from wherever you see it from and the layers of the sediments always make for knowledgeable conversation. Perfect weather, beautiful sandy beaches should click to all the beach vacation ideas you might have.

The facilities

I went on the internet and made a booking on for the Koloa Landing resort. It is quite a place to be. Extremely spacious rooms, equipped with all the facilities you might need including washer and dryer, and a fully furnished kitchen no less. The best thing I loved about the place was the attitude of the staff. They were extremely helpful and were always hospitable. It is not finished yet however, that said you won’t lose any sleep due to noise of construction (you might because of roosters) because there is little no noise at all. They haven’t built a restaurant on site yet and are maybe running a little short on staff but the location is excellent. Very close to Poipu beach and other hotspots. There are many other things to do there too, but the thing that you absolutely must do is take the helicopter tour to see the entire island. Now because of lack of roads some of the most spectacular scenes in Kauai can only be accessed via helicopter. Don’t miss out on any of them; you will regret missing it even if you just see pictures of the places. Sporting clay has become quite popular in Kauai. If you visit Poipu beach (which you will in most likelihood) you really should get some snorkeling equipment and go snorkeling. It is one of the best places in the world for this activity and the fish on the ocean floor will absolutely mesmerize you with their vivid colors.

Of all the beach vacation ideas I have ever had, this is definitely one of my better ones. You should go and find for yourself the magnificence of Kauai.